Party Tips

Balloons and Party Blowers

If you must buy blowers for the children, please put them in the party bags. Don't leave them on the table's. The children will drive everyone mad with them as they all try and see who can blow them the loudest.

The same can be said about balloons. Parents spend time blowing up balloons and covering the floor with them, then the children come in and pop them all, leaving a mess that the adults have to clean up. There is also the safety issue of children jumping onto the balloon to pop it.

Bouncy Castles

During my show I insist on any bouncy castle being turned off as it is a big distraction.


For a party of about 12-15 Children a party at home is fine. A party with more than this is probably better in a local church hall or similar. Please don't think "I'll go for the biggest room possible, it will be great", it probably won't be. Think of the atmosphere in a half empty room, it can spoil your party. Also, with the under 5's they feel more secure at home or a friend's home.

I am currently compiling a list of recommended venues based on personal experience. If you want any information in the meantime send me an email or use the enquiry form and I'll pass on my recommendations.

Car Parking

When choosing a venue spare a thought for your guests and entertainers parking. Don't be tempted to book a venue in the town centre with no parking facilities.

Joint parties

Joint parties can be a great way of saving money and can work well. The only time they tend not to work very well are if the Children are more than a couple of years age difference e.g. a 3 year old will not have the same interests or attention span as a 6 year old.


Although at the end of the day it's personal choice what you give the children to eat, I would suggest you keep it very simple. I've seen on lots of occasions tables laid out with all sorts of different food and it hardly gets touched. The best plan is to get those individual food boxes and put a few things in. This can be done at home on the morning of the party.

Whilst on the topic of food, I would recommend asking the parents when they arrive if any of their Children have a food allergy or any special dietary requirements.

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